Why we're here /

UTILE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development, study and promotion of student housing as co-op initiatives within Quebec.

We promote student housing in the name of social and economic welfare, specifically for access to education, sustainable urban development and interregional equality.

We are currently developing this unique field of expertise in Quebec through examples of best practice worldwide, which are founded on a strong sense of entrepreneurship and a desire for innovation for the benefit of all.

We create locally-governed real estate development that is self-funded and affordable.

UTILE is currently shaping a new model for student housing that is to be implemented throughout college towns across Quebec.

UTILE believes in:

Public interest as a primary concern;
Professional involvement for the benefit of society;
Harmonious urban integration;
Le souci d’une intégration urbaine harmonieuse;
A strong presence at the heart of the student community; &
Protection of the environment.